Bronzed for the Summer

Bronzed for the Summer

Whether you’re off to the beach of heading to a patio, a sun-kissed bronze glow is a must! From shimmery shoulders, to highlighted cheeks, channel your inner golden goddess with my picks for top hot-weather beauty products to get you bronzed for the summer.

My Favourite Planners for 2016

My Favourite Diary Planners for 2016

When  I was working in corporate land, I always had a status list of active projects and campaigns in production. Plus I had two monthly calendars on either side of my computer monitor. Now that I’m in freelance world, I want to make sure to build in the same systems so I don’t lose track of my days and client projects. To prep myself for life as a new freelancer — I started using Google calendar. But I also made the decision to go back to the ol’ pen and paper, and I purchased a dairy planner.

The End of a Work Era

Leaving my cozy little full-time job to start my own business was not the easiest decision. I had actually made friends. Not just work friends, but actual friends that I would chill with on weekends and share private life stories with. My job paid well and was close to home. What more could a girl ask for?

4 Tips for Great Summer Skin

4 tips for great summer skin

It’s starting to get hot out and that means humidity and oily skin. Don’t get me wrong — I love me some summertime goodness. But I always dread what it does to my already sensitive skin. Before the scorching sun and high humidity wreak havoc on your skin this summer, make these smart changes to your skincare routine to ensure you don’t end up with extra wrinkles and breakouts by the time Fall hits back around.

Get a Plant for Your Home

For the past two weeks I’ve been thinking about getting a plant for my home. After all — I do not have a single living piece of greenery. Until today that is. I was running an errand and I passed a plant shop on the way. I thought, now is the time to finally get one.I love the texture plants instantly add to any room. But the benefits of having a plant in your home should make them a necessity rather than décor. If you’re on the fence about getting a plant for your home, here are some of the…