The End of a Work Era

Leaving my cozy little full-time job to start my own business was not the easiest decision. I had actually made friends. Not just work friends, but actual friends that I would chill with on weekends and share private life stories with. My job paid well and was close to home. What more could a girl ask for?

4 Tips for Great Summer Skin

4 tips for great summer skin

It’s starting to get hot out and that means humidity and oily skin. Don’t get me wrong — I love me some summertime goodness. But I always dread what it does to my already sensitive skin. Before the scorching sun and high humidity wreak havoc on your skin this summer, make these smart changes to your skincare routine to ensure you don’t end up with extra wrinkles and breakouts by the time Fall hits back around.

Get a Plant for Your Home

For the past two weeks I’ve been thinking about getting a plant for my home. After all — I do not have a single living piece of greenery. Until today that is. I was running an errand and I passed a plant shop on the way. I thought, now is the time to finally get one.I love the texture plants instantly add to any room. But the benefits of having a plant in your home should make them a necessity rather than décor. If you’re on the fence about getting a plant for your home, here are some of the…

5 Things That Make Me Happy

5 things that make me happy right now

I am finally back in my regular routine of going to bed at night and waking up in the morning. That may sound silly, but after getting back from southern Africa, I was hit with the hardest jet lag. It’s been two weeks of crashing at 6pm and then waking up at 4am. The jet lag is gone but I am still feeling inspired, relaxed and more confident since coming back from my travels.

Wine Tasting in Cape Town


Cape Town was the final leg of our 12 day visit to Africa. It was what I imagine Monaco or Paris to be like. Rob thought it looked very much like London with the curving, narrow roads and the old meets new architecture. On our second morning in Cape Town, we headed off on a private wine tour. We planned on seeing some scenery along the mountains and beaches before going to three local wineries in the Constantia region of Cape Town. As we drove along the beaches, our guide, Charmaine, told us more of the history of South Africa.…