Build a Better Snack Drawer

snack drawer

  If your desk is loaded with sweet treats and empty calories, then listen up! It’s time for you to get a healthy upgrade and build a better snack drawer. Those who know me, know that I’m a crazy snacker, especially at work. When I’m pumped with my mind working hard and in a super productive zone, I always feel the need to snack. Getting a ton of work done is great, but too much mindless munching is a no-no, so it’s best to plan ahead and have something healthy on hand so you don’t end up reaching for junk.…

What Does it Mean to be a “Creative Type”?

Creative Types

  I shared a video from The Working Women’s Club with my friend Lisa earlier today. The video is a promo for the online platform and features cool women mingling, networking and generally having a good time. Lisa is a food and lifestyle blogger here in Toronto and she can often be seen in my Snapchat stories, when we have our power blogging sessions at whatever coffee shop is trending. After watching the video, she commented that it looked to be “too creative of a scene” for her. This got me excited! As this is exactly the kind of crowd…

How to Not Feel Overwhelmed

  It’s funny what happens when you get what you ask for. I’ve been wanting more small business clients for See Girl Work. The trouble is — now that I have a few, I’m starting to panic. I need to put some practices into place so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

I Can’t Do It All in the Day

I Can't Do It All in the Day

Here I am at the end of my first full week of being a full-time freelancer. I can’t complain — it’s actually been a great week! I’ve gone to the gym just about everyday. I got some healthy groceries. I went out for drinks a couple times. Met up with two new clients. Even got my nails done.

Summer Reading List

  Whether you’re taking a staycation or an out-of-town vacation, Summer is when the world slows down just enough for busy people to find some time to relax. Can you imagine anything more wonderful than lying in the warm sun with a good book and cocktail in hand? As you head to the pool, the cottage, the beach, or just sitting in the park this summer, here are a few books from my 2016 summer reading list to keep you entertained: