Winter Care Tips for Black Hair

With the colder months approaching, it’s very important for us to keep our hair protected from the harsh elements of the winter season. Cold winter weather can wreak havoc on black hair if it’s not properly nourished and managed. Curly, kinky, coily hair craves moisture more than any other hair texture, and without it, becomes brittle, coarse and breaks easily. 

The humidity in the summer air that naturally aids in keeping black hair hydrated is usually absent in the winter months. Plus there’s all the extra heat we pump up in our homes and offices. Here are 6 winter care tips for black hair.

  1. Cover your hair at night.  I wear a satin wrap at night, some people wear satin bonnets, others sleep with a satin pillowcase to prevent friction with the hair. During the winter the air is colder at night, covering your hair at night will help keep the moisture in, if you want to you could even try covering your hair with two satin scarves or bonnets.
  1. Keep your ends tucked away. Whether your hair is loose, twisted, or in braids, up-do’s like buns are great style staples during this time of year.  They keep your ends hidden from the cold and dry air, thus helping to reduce moisture loss.  They also keep your hair up and away from your winter scarves, coats, and sweaters, which helps to reduce breakage.
  1. Switch to heavier sealants. You should already be moisturizing your hair daily however, during the winter months it’s crucial to keep it going. Black hair needs as much moisture as possible. Heavier sealants (like whipped butters mixed with oils) can provide longer-lasting moisture retention in the wintertime.
  1. Use Heat Even Less. Indoor heating is going to suck some of the moisture from your hair. Don’t help it along with flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons. Winter is an ideal season to practice setting techniques like wet sets (completely dry before you head out the door), pin curls and wraps, which don’t require heat.
  1. Deep Condition More Often.  Heated homes and work spaces can dry out your hair, so combat this dryness with extra deep conditioning. Look for products which hold in moisture and use a good deep conditioner about once a week. Stick to natural oils for holding in the moisture that you get from water.
  1. Wear a hat!  It may seem like the most obvious solution but sometimes us ladies forget about this crucial step. Make sure the hat isn’t cotton or wool or it can actually suck the moisture out of your hair. Try using caps with a silky inside.
 Image via Unsplash