Wine Tasting in Cape Town


Cape Town was the final leg of our 12 day visit to Africa. It was what I imagine Monaco or Paris to be like. Rob thought it looked very much like London with the curving, narrow roads and the old meets new architecture.

On our second morning in Cape Town, we headed off on a private wine tour. We planned on seeing some scenery along the mountains and beaches before going to three local wineries in the Constantia region of Cape Town.

As we drove along the beaches, our guide, Charmaine, told us more of the history of South Africa. I also took note of the diversity in the architecture in this area of the city. Homes and hotels looked so modern, almost like works of art.

Charmaine explained that a lot of the buildings and homes in this area of Cape Town were built by foreign money and architectures – mainly British, American and Dutch.  Some of the private homes are built below street level with the cars parked on the roof. How clever?

Constantia Valley Wine Route, Cape Town, South Africa

The Constantia Valley is considered Cape Town’s wine country. We visited Buitenverwachting Wine Farm, Klein Constantia Estate and Groot Constantia.

It was interesting visiting each winery and learning about their wines and the history of each local. All the wineries are really beautiful.

I ended up buying some wine at Buitenverwachting Wine Farm and Rob bought a bottle from Groot Constantia. While we were at Klein, Rob became very amused when our host used the term, “tropical note in the nose,” to describe the bouquet of their signature wine ─ Metis Sauvignon Blanc.

We had a great time on the wine tour as it showed us a different side to Africa.  At this point, we were far removed from the bushes and wildlife of Botswana and Zambia. It was a blast! And we had so much wine! As you can imagine, by the end of the afternoon we were a little bit drunk. South African’s do not spit their wine.