Dinning Room

{Dining Room Update}

This weekend wall all about painting the small dining room. I went with a grey colour called Veil. You’d think since I have a small dinning room it would be pretty easy.  But a days work turned into three – not to mention the three trips I ended up making to Canadian Tire.  But I learned my lesson – preparation is key.

Anyways – we’re all done! Only the dinning area is painted Veil. I left the kitchen itself the original off-white colour. I added a round glass dinning table from Ikea. The grey, leather chairs are from a local furniture. The Ethiopian gentleman who runs the store was so nice to deliver them for me on the same day as purchased and for FREE! Then I scored the loveliest mirrored vase at Homesense. Pink peonies also from Homesense. What do you think of the final product? 

Images via Like, Whatever

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