Tips for Building
a Better Wardrobe

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As part of my 2014 Year in Review, I did a complete wardrobe overhaul. For the new year, I don’t want to lose that momentum. I want to make sure future shopping trips don’t get me back to the same place. Thus, I’m revealing my easy strategies for organized shopping and tips for building a better wardrobe.

KNOW THE OCCASIONS YOU DRESS FOR THE MOST; Your wardrobe buys should reflect the activities you do all the time. I spend most of my time in a corporate office environment. On the weekends, I’m sitting in my office space blogging, running around in the neighborhood getting errands off my list, plus hanging out with friends. I’m also a gym rat.   

KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE; When you think about your body type, don’t focus on height and weight, focus on shape. Body shape is all about proportion. Our
body shapes are typically narrowed down to five general categories:
pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass. You might fall into one
category, or you might be a blend of two or more. Once you’ve determined your body shape, you can begin to consider which
fashion trends to embrace and which to avoid. I have a pear-shaped body a la Kim Kardashian West or Jennifer Lopez. My lower body is wider than my upper body so my
hips are wider than my shoulders. I like A-line skirts to camouflage my wide hips and pointy-toed shoes to elongate my legs.
STOCK UP ON YOUR GO-TO STYLES; What are the things you wear most often? For me it’s trousers and skirts during the week for work, leggings and over-sized sweaters for easy weekends and yoga pants for hitting the gym. Purchase multiple versions of each and make them a mix of investment pieces and affordable finds. I probably spend a lot on trousers and skirts to make sure they are the right fit, but my tops need to be easy on the budget.
FINISH WITH SIGNATURE ACCESSORIES; Pick a few styles – mine include a great watch, stud earrings and a statement necklace. Spend more on versatile items like shoes and bags, and have fun with cheaper jewelry and scarves.

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2 comments on Tips for Building
a Better Wardrobe

  • Shireen L. Platt

    Great tips here! I am slowly doing a wardrobe overhaul too. The change in climate and now that I am a stay at home mum, there are so many pieces that I need to donate to the Salvation Army. I've been buying more jeans since that's about the only thing I wear most.
    Did you change your blog design or is my eyes playing tricks on me? Your blog looks really good!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • (author)

      Keeping our closets in check is a marathon effort. LOL! Always a work in progress. As a beauty blogger, you probably have a HUGE product collection too!!

      Thanks for your kind words about my blog. It's always a work in progress too 🙂

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