The End of a Work Era

Leaving my cozy little full-time job to start my own business was not the easiest decision. I had actually made friends. Not just work friends, but actual friends that I would chill with on weekends and share private life stories with. My job paid well and was close to home. What more could a girl ask for?

The job was okay. But there was always that nagging voice in my head. There was always that question of “how come they can do that?” People kept moving pass me. Growth was happening all around me, just not for me. I felt like I had been in the same spot for quite some time. I was professionally bored and unmotivated.

But it wasn’t the job or the company that was the problem — I had a good job with a good company. The people around me were pleasant. I had autonomy and no one barking down my back — the issue was with me. It was me and not the job. When I finally came to this realization, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder. Everything became so much easier after that. I focused in and decided to create See Girl Work.

See Girl Work for me is everything about every job I’ve ever loved. I’ve taken whatever I’ve loved about every job I’ve had and merged it into this company. Plus I’ve added a few new things I’ve always wanted to do as part of my career, but was never offered the chance. I love writing and have always done this for every job I’ve had in marketing and communications. I love creating content. Back then, I didn’t have a fancy title like, Content Creator — I was just the Marketing Manager and shit needed to get done. I love the collaboration of working with creatives like photographers and graphic designers. Truth be told, setting up photo shoots and working with actors to get the shot was actually one of my favourite things to do.

I’ve worked for other people since I was 17 years old. My first job was in a supermarket as the cashier. Then I did a bit of telemarketing (don’t judge!). During college, I worked in a music store (do those even still exist?). Then I finally started interning to gain more work related experience. My first real job was as production secretary for a television company. After two years, I realized that television production was not for me. I then interned in the marketing and communications department of a television company. From there I continued to work my way up (at a slow pace) in marketing communications within the entertainment field.

Television is where I learned my chops, but marketing is the jewel I fell in love with. And even though I wasn’t able to make a high ranking corporate career out of it — I hope to be able to build my agency on it.

All the hours of staying late, going the extra mile, note taking at meetings and weekend schlepping have built a solid foundation for my next chapter. At least I hope it has. I hope something will come of See Girl Work in the next two, six, even 12 months down the road.

It’s hard to tell. But it’s a risk I’m obviously willing to take.

I will miss the comfort of getting up and going to work in that ritualistic rhythm. I will miss my friends and even my work friends. I will miss knowing that not every decision was mine to make. I will miss this era.

Although leaving my job wasn’t an easy decision — it was a good decision for me to make. I wholeheartedly believe that. Even though, I will miss the friends I am leaving behind — the very good ones will be with me for a lifetime.


Image via Like, Wutever