Luxe Summertime Skin Care

Summertime Skin Care
Summertime Skin Care
{Image: Summertime Skin Care}

There are a few skin care products in my arsenal that I reserve only for the Summertime. During the colder months, when I’m bulked up in sweaters and layers, I don’t see the point in sporty my extra luxe, extra pricey skin care products. My only concern during the winter is keeping my skin moisturize. But when it gets warm out, I break out my collection of luxe summertime skin care products.

I love this Cranberry Shimmer Lotion from The Body Shop. It’s a creamy, cranberry-smelling skin cream that makes my complexion glisten and sparkle. I love using it in the summertime. Whenever I’m showing a lot of arms, shoulders or back, this product is a must. If you want shimmering skin for cool summer evenings out – this is the product to try.

When I pulled out my Michael Kors Leg Shine at work for a little touch-up, my co-worker couldn’t believe that a product like this exist. But of course, honey! Everyone wants high-shine legs in the summer. Nothing does it better like this skin care product. The shine doesn’t last that long, but it does seal in moisture, and leave you with a gold shimmer and light floral scent. It makes me feel incredibly glamorous.

Pre de Provence Luxe Butter Body Cream
{Image: Pre de Provence Luxe Butter Body Cream}

I also love really luxe body butters in the summertime. Body butters are really thick so they are great for winter moisture, but I reserve Pre de Provence Luxe Butter Body Cream and Jaqua Buttercream Frosting Body Butter for the summertime. I picked up Pre de Provence at a cute shop in Niagara-on-the-Lake last summer. It just smells like summer. I can show you how creamy it is but it’s such a shame, I can’t let you smell how fabulous it is. This is another great product to use on summer date nights, when your man is going to want to nuzzle up against your neck. With Jaqua – forget it! You won’t even leave the house, honey! This literally smells like cake frosting. LITERALLY you guys! Like, sugary cake. Wintertime sweaters and coats only masks the yummy smell, but layer this on during the summer and you won’t regret it.


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