How to Not Feel Overwhelmed


It’s funny what happens when you get what you ask for. I’ve been wanting more small business clients for See Girl Work. The trouble is — now that I have a few, I’m starting to panic. I need to put some practices into place so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

This is how it starts: I get off the phone with a potential new client. Or I get a great email from a potential new client. We have a wonderful and insightful discovery call. Then I start to think: What if I’m a hack? All these questions, insecurities and fears come creeping into my head. Like that little ugly person who lives on your shoulder. But how do I deal with this and not feel overwhelmed?

  1. Go to the gym. I’ve started working out much more frequently now that I work from home. Not only is it a great way to pull myself away from my laptop, but working out puts my head in another space. I can think more clearly when I’m in the open zone of the gym and away from my computer, my phone and social media.
  2. Text a friend. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra anxious, I will just randomly send a shout out to a friend. Humans are driven on connections. Working from home comes with a lot of isolation. Getting a short but sweet “What’s up?!” from a friend does wonders.
  3. Make dinner. I’m not a huge cook in the kitchen. I really just try to cook to be healthy and save money. But these days, cooking dinner is another great way to leave my desk and do something other than schedule my next Instagram post or see if there are any unanswered emails from clients.

The more I speak to different freelancers and entrepreneurs, the more I realize that it’s not just me. All newbies go through these emotions. I just can’t wait for one year down the line when I’m ol’ pro.


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