Misty Copeland
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Misty Copeland Under Armour
{Image: Ballet Dancer, Misty Copeland}

Misty Copeland just became the first black principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). For those who don’t know who Misty Copeland is – she’s an award-winning American ballet dancer. I love the ballet. And I love inspiration fitness videos. So when Under Armour began featuring Misty in their ads and fitness videos, I couldn’t help but bookmark them all in my fitness playlist. 

{Image: Misty Copeland in Swan Lake}
{Image: Misty Copeland in Swan Lake}

Despite only starting ballet at age 13, in 2007 Misty earned a spot as the first black female soloist in two decades to perform with the prestigious ballet company. After 14 years of dancing with ABT, on Friday it was announced that she just became the first African-American principal dancer in the company. The title of principal dancer is the highest rank within a professional dance company — an amazing feat for any dancer, but especially for Misty, who throughout her early career experienced harsh criticism about her “unconventional” looks. Watch the video below and prepare to be inspired.

I love being witness to groundbreaking moments like these. Not only as a woman or a black woman, but as a person who is always pushing myself to move forward despite challenges and set-backs. I know these are ads and whatnot, but Misty’s life is real, her dedication and determination to her craft is real.  As such, her inspiration for me is real as well.


Images via Under Armour and BBC