Michelle Obama Shows Us How She Stays in Shape

Michelle Obama

On its official Facebook page, the White House shared a short video of First Lady Michelle Obama’s workout routine and we’re impressed. Celebrating the fifth anniversary of her Lets Move! campaign to combat childhood obesity, Mrs. Obama shares five exercises that she does everyday to stay in shape. From jumping rope to squat jumps to bench presses with 35-pound weights, the First Lady is fierce in the gym. In fact, I’ve been so inspired, I’ve kicked it up a notch with my own fitness journey going from 12 to 15-pound weights. Although I’m not lifting 35’s yet, this video has got me pumped and ready to aim for it.


Image via Ben Baker/Redux

2 comments on Michelle Obama Shows Us How She Stays in Shape

  • Style On The Side

    How great!!! I think it’s awesome to see her lifting real weights. All too often women think they can’t lift heavy.

    • Like, Wutever

      @styleontheside:disqus I agree. After watching this video, I was inspired to kick-up my own fitness routine. It has definitely accomplished what it set out to do. Great fit-spiration!

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