Meet Alleycat

alleycat pet cat
alleycat pet cat
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Let me formally introduce you to Alleycat. She’s always around, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a real introduction. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to have a pet cat. When I moved out on my own, I couldn’t wait to make the adoption. Allycat is a grey and white, short-hair tabby cat. People ask quite often about her name – it’s derived from my own name: Alethea’s cat = Alleycat.

I adopted Alleycat in 2007 when she was six months old from the Toronto Humane Society. I had to fill out an application and then I was interviewed about the home and care I was planning to provide for her. She was in a cage with her two siblings. She was the smallest of the bunch. She was healthy, but underweight. When I got her home, she didn’t climb out from underneath the couch for about a week. We each had a new roommate. It was an adjustment for us both. Now she’s the centre of my life.

Since I see her every single day, I don’t notice the subtle changes in her size as much as others. My mom (who considers her the closest thing to a grandchild) came by the other day and her first comment was, “she’s so big now!” At eight years old now, she’s a healthy 10 lbs.

Having Alleycat is very much like having another person to take care of. She needs food and water every day. She needs her annual medical check ups and vaccinations. She needs her teeth brushed on a regular basis (which is always a struggle). She needs to be occasionally brushed and bathed. She has her own toys and needs playtime for exercise (especially because she’s an indoor-only cat). Alleycat even has her own pet insurance.

When she gets sick, I worry like crazy. I absolutely panic! When she gets sick, it’s the one time I wish she could speak so she can tell me exactly what’s wrong with her. When she does get sick, she has her own pink fleece blanket to cuddle up in.

She doesn’t like to be alone for too long. When I travel, either my mom or sisters have to come over every other day to keep her company. She doesn’t like “healthy” pet food, but she does need the most expensive, non-scented cat litter (of course). The supermarket-brand, scented kind gives her an infection and she gets sick.  Like most cats, she’s lactose-intolerant. But even the specialty, lactose-free cat milk gives her an upset stomach. In the winter, when the air is dry, she gets a teaspoon of flax oil in her wet food to help with dry, flaking skin. Yes – even cats get dry skin. Every night she sleeps at the bottom of my bed. Every morning, before the alarm, she wakes me up.

Having Alleycat has totally changed my life. It’s been so fun to watch her develop a personality with her own quirks. Even when she’s driving me crazy – which she does quite often – she’s truly one of the best parts of my day.



How can you not love this furry face?! #cutepets #cats

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    • Like, Wutever

      She sure is a cutie @jessgita:disqus. Thanks for stopping by. BTW I love your blog!

    • Like, Wutever

      @maruconti:disqus she’s a cutie-pie for sure. Sometimes a little troublesome – but definitely a loveable cutie.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Shireen

    Oh, she’s a beauty and I love that you adopt instead of buying from a pet store, so much respect and love for you. Many people don’t understand that having a pet is almost similar to having a child, they need love and care. I wish more people are like you, very responsible for their pet instead of abandoning them once the pet needs more attention.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Like, Wutever

      Thanks @disqus_Q4LCztEZOa:disqus. Yes I did do a lot of research before we moved in together. Even when it comes to decorating, I have to keep her in mind. I supposed it is kinda like child-proofing. LOL!! Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy reading your comments and keeping up with your latest reviews on Reflections of Sanity.

      Have a great day!

    • Like, Wutever

      She does have lovable eyes, @NJFadmin:disqus! Whenever she gets caught doing something naughty, you’d be amazed at how they get even BIGGER! Almost like they’re going to take over her whole little head. LOL!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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