Life Balancing Act

Just before the Holidays, I had everything in my life worked out. Work, God, fitness, blogging, friends and family. I had finally found my groove and had settled in nicely. Then I decided to go back to school. Then work became hectic. Then I lost my weekends to homework. Which meant I had less time for blogging. I lost my life balancing act.

Needless to say, whenever my life gets out of harmony, I get overwhelmed and a little frustrated with myself. I’m finding as I get older, I really like that routine and that day-to-day steadiness where I know I can depend on certain things happening. But sometimes life throws curve balls and it’s up to us to adjust. Like making a few adjustments at work so that I can fit in my study time (reading this hefty digital marketing textbook). Now that football season is over, I’ll have extra time on weekends to work out and catch up on my blogging. And easy does it. One day at a time. Below are a few other strategies that have been helping me find more life balance.

MEDITATION AND PRAYER; Work, family, running around – even on the best of days, life can get really loud and hectic. I look forward to being alone with no TV and no blasting music. Just me and my thoughts. Quiet time to reflect, meditate and focus on my spirituality helps me digest the day and figure out priorities for the next one – whether it’s homework or mentally preparing for a big meeting at work. Meditation and prayer keeps me grounded and centered in my life.

REST, RELAXATION AND SLEEP; Getting lots of sleep improves memory, spurs creativity, enhances physical performance, sharpens attention and lowers stress. Getting a relaxing massage or even a spa pedicure just cures everything! If I’m up past a certain hour, I get really cranky. It takes me long enough to roll out of bed even when I do go to bed extra early, so going to bed past 10:00pm poses a problem for me. Rest, relaxation and sleep – especially after a busy week – are an important part of my life balancing act.

LOVE; And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love (1 Corinthians 13:13). Sometimes, the best cure to a stressful day is spending quality time with friends, family or that special someone. I rely heavily on the affection and advice I get from my mom, the jovial laughter and fun life stories from my girlfriends, and of course some lovey, dovey romantic time with my guy too. Romantic love, in particular, is fulfilling, exciting and fun! But it’s also very good for our mental well-being too. We all know that being in love makes us feel elated, but it’s not just
in our heads. A scientific research study from
Rutgers University showed that people who had feelings of being in love had an increase of dopamine brain activity,
which is associated with optimism, energy and a sense of well-being.
Talk about being high on love!

What are some tips and tricks you use to help with your life balance?

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5 comments on Life Balancing Act

  • Drea Hall

    To help with life balance, I either sleep for a couple of hours or plug my earphones in and listen to music. Also, writing down a to-do list helps me to get back on track, as it allows me to see on paper where my focus needs to be.

    Drea |

    • (author)

      Great tips! Writing down a to-do list is particularly a good one. Gives you a chance to see where you're at and maybe even realize, it's not so much after all. Thanks for your input!

    • Drea Hall

      Exactly. In my head, it seems like there's a lot ahead, and then when it's all on paper, I see that it's not as much as I thought.

  • Danielle

    I can so relate to this! In my head it can be done, but can get so hectic trying to blog, work, do school and have a life! Great tips for dealing with it!

    • (author)

      Thanks Danielle. Most of us have a bit of a "superwoman" complex. Myself included. LOL!

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