The Kind Lifestyle

{Image: The Kind Life}

I recently watched Alicia Silverstone on The View. She was talking about some play she was doing, but more interestingly she talked about her new book, The Kind Diet.
I mentally flagged the book, but didn’t really take it into much
consideration until my annual physical. 

I was told that not only do I
have the B12 levels of a middle-aged woman, but my cholesterol levels
are also border-line high. Are you kidding me? I knew I was out of shape
but I didn’t realize it was that bad. Enter The Kind Diet and the accompanying blog that Alicia very frequently tends to The Kind Life.

I must say I became engrossed
in her blog today and have added the book to my Amazon wish list. I’m
not promising to become vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter, but
perhaps I can integrate some of Alicia’s living tips into my own
lifestyle for better health and wellness.

 Images via The Kind Life