June Beauty Haul ft. M.A.C and Too Faced Cosmetics

Hello! I hope you enjoy my latest video beauty haul. This is my BIGGEST beauty haul ever. I’ll be trying out some great new products from Tarte and L’Oreal. As well as some products that are already my favourites from M.A.C and Too Faced. Hope you enjoy! And please leave your comments and suggestions below.

Products mentioned in the June Beauty Haul  Video
Music featured in the Video

Track #1 by Jessie Ware “Night Light”
Track #2 by DJ DEH “Mixtape”


2 comments on June Beauty Haul ft. M.A.C and Too Faced Cosmetics

  • Shireen

    OMGoodness, now that is what I call a brilliant haul! This is the first time I’m hearing your voice, I remember watching another video of yours and there was no sound. I’m not sure if anyone ever say this to you, but you have a very beautiful voice, very soothing and just pleasant to listen to. 🙂

    ps: Great tip on the Kleenex before blotting powder, I honestly had no idea but then again, I never use blotting powder before thanks to my super dry skin. :-/

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Like, Wutever

      Awww thanks @disqus_Q4LCztEZOa:disqus! I’m trying to do more videos. It’s just a matter of setting aside the extra time.

      I’m the opposite of your dry skin. My skin is so oily, whenever I blot with Kleenex it’s like fried chicken grease. LOL! Every little good tip helps.

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