Jasmine and White Frangipani Scented Candle

For Christmas, I received a jasmine and white frangipani scented candle from The Body Shop.

Everybody who knows me knows how much I enjoy aromatherapy and scented candles. I do not like sprays, fabric softeners or perfume.

However, I do love lighting a beautifully scented candle, curling up on the couch and sipping on green tea.

Jasmine is a fairly well-known flower and is widely cultivated for the characteristic fragrance of their flower. But before receiving this special gift, I had never heard of frangipani before.

Frangipanis (also known as plumeria rubra) are relatively small trees growing only to about 5-6m in height. But what they lack in height they make up in width often becoming as wide as they are tall.

Frangipanis have a well-behaved root system which makes them great for the home garden and for growing in pots. Frangipanis are also great survivors coping with drought, heat, neglect and insect and pest attack. They are also deciduous allowing maximum winter sun while providing shade in summer.

Their sweet scent and sheer beauty make them universally loved and the blooms look sensational on the tree and as a cut flower. Frangipani flowers are known for their unique fragrant clusters of colourful, bright, waxy and long lasting flowers.

Radiant and captivating, frangipani is an irresistible, timeless and enticing fragrance.

Just close your eyes, relax and let the sweet scent of this jasmine and white frangipani scented candle conjure up heaven.


Image via Like, Wutever