Home Office Complete

(Image: Home Office Space)
{Image: Home Office Space}

My home office space is finally complete. Exclamation point. If you’ll recall, I live in a small apartment with a tiny closet and an even tinnier office closet. I’ve tried my best to turn this closet office space into a real, functioning office where I can sit and do all my blogging plus life admin stuff. I’ve tried my best to be, not only practical, but also chic as well.

This has been a work in progress. I last posted about this closet office space back in September. I am pretty satisfied with the end product, I think. It beats sitting in bed or at the kitchen table to work and blog. Since I last posted, I went ahead and completed the space by upgrading to the 5-drawer unit from Ikea. It’s made all the difference. Not only does it have more space, but it looks awesome! I love the white, clean lines and I love how snug it fits underneath the desk.


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Monopoly Board Game

Horse Souvenier from Utah


I must say the only other things I would consider adding are maybe some nice glam pens and writing utensils. I am always looking for great sharpie pens for when I’m working on Stella & Dot cards or invites. Everything else will have to do for now. I’ll probably stay in this apartment until I buy a home soon. Then I can decorate starting all over again!


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