Home Office

I don’t know why I’ve been so attracted to these old school, walk-up apartments. Aside from having no elevator, they have no central air and cursed windows. But the one thing they all seem to have are great built-in shelves. I don’t know what this little closet might have been in the 1960’s or whenever this building was built. But in 2014 it’s become a great home office.

I still have to get a proper office chair. Thinking about this one here. But in the meantime, this chocolate brown velvet beauty is a nice substitute. As you already know, I like to pick up various kinds of memorabilia from my travels – this is where I store most of them. My home office is also where I store my collection of photography books. My favourite book so far would have to be the photo book I brought home from Costa Rica. The other item that is close to my heart is the porcelain horse I brought home from Utah. I just love the hand painted artistry. It reminds me of the the kind of place Utah must have been when only the Aboriginals occupied the land.

Images via Like, Whatever

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