How to Make Time to Read

How to Make Time to Read

In a recent blog post, I gave some recommendations on books to add to your summer reading list. But I must admit being challenged when it comes to making time to read.

In order to be an articulate writer, speaker and overall communicator, it’s important to read a variety of books, magazines and even blogs. Both fiction and non-fiction. I believe reading is a fundamental part of being successful. I know I’m busy. But tons of super successful people — those way more busier than me — know how to make time to read.

It’s for these reasons that I’m putting an extra effort into reading at least half of the books on my summer reading list. But nothing comes without strategy. Of course I’ve had to find clever solutions in order to make time to read. If you’re in the same boat as I am — these tips might help you make time to read as well.

  1. Combine reading with another daily routine. For example, read when you’re commuting on public transit, when you’re waiting for dinner to cook, or when you’re just winding down before going to sleep.
  2. Share Your Reading Goals on Social Media. We share just about everything on social these days. Why not publish a post on Instagram declaring that you want to read at least five chapters of your favourite book this month. Then, after you succeed, you can always publish another post as a mini book review. Why not even tag the author!
  3. Only get books from the library. Since the borrowing period for library books is only two weeks, there’s a real sense of urgency. Unless you want to get fined — or worse — keep renewing the same book multiple times, you might find the pressure becomes added momentum to really power through those extra long chapters.

What strategies do you use to make time to read? Leave some comments below.