Guanacaste, Costa Rica in Photographs

While in Costa Rica, I bought a book of the most beautiful photography from the country’s Guanacaste province. Located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the area is well known for its surfing and sports fishing. Photographed by Luciano Capelli, Guanacaste: Rutas de Viaje (Travel Routes) details the province’s diverse landscape, forests and beaches in addition to its rich history and culture. I’ve taken up collecting books of travel photography and so far, this one is my favourite.

Images via Like, Whatever

4 comments on Guanacaste, Costa Rica in Photographs

  • Alicia

    Looks like every pictures you took from Costa Rica look great. It seems like you really had a good time.

  • Aubrey

    I just got back from Costa Rica and saw this book in the airport. I wanted to buy it while there, but got sidetracked. Now, I'm trying to find a new/slightly used copy online, but I'm having a hard time finding one (under $60). I just stumbled upon your blog during my search. Any ideas where to locate one? Thanks for any help!

    • (author)

      Oh no, Aubrey! Sorry to hear you didn't get a chance to get the book while in Costa Rica. But hopefully the rest of your trip was amazing. Not sure where you'd be able to locate the book. I think I paid about $60 USD for my copy. It's a great book of photography though and would be a worthwhile investment and a great memory of your trip.

      Sorry I can't be of any further help. But do visit us again soon!

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