Why Fit Girls Lift Heavy

{Image: Why Fit Girls Lift Heavy}

Now that it’s
resolution time the gym has become super packed. I can hardly get in to
do all my sets. And one thing is for sure – the ladies dominate the
treadmills. They are always absolutely filled with swinging ponytails
and brightly coloured sports bras. But I think slowly we’re all starting
to learn that there’s being skinny and there’s being fit – and fit
girls lift heavy. We’re in the back, in the weight section, lifting our
assess off. Trying to tone up, curve up and keep strong.

I love cardio and I’m
slowly getting into yoga – but I know it’s not enough to get me the
results I want. Cardio alone won’t give me strong, defined shoulders, a
small waist, a curve in the back, a tight, lifted ass and well toned
legs and calves. I have to lift! Weightlifting helps me build muscle,
lose body fat, get strong, relieve stress, increase energy, improve bone
density and makes me feel great! Here’s why fit girls lift heavy:

The more muscle a woman has, the more calories she will
burn at rest. Muscles speed up your metabolism, resulting
in more effective fat loss.

you build muscle, your body begins to take a nice hourglass shape. The
weight you lose with cardio alone is in the form of fat and muscle
tissue which means you’re losing your curves. Lifting can help create
and sustain those sexy curves.

studies have shown that lifting
weights regularly can increase bone density. Those of us in our 20s and
30s don’t think about this often, but the earlier you begin
weightlifting, the greater chance you have to maintain bone health later
in life. Resistance training is an excellent way to combat loss of bone
mass, and it decreases the risk of osteoporosis. 

Researchers have consistently found that those who regularly strength
train tend to manage stress better than those who do not exercise. Resistance-training studies on older adults also show that 
weightlifting improves memory and cognitive function. 

When you
realize your outer strength, you can tap into your inner strength, and
that begins to radiate. Confidence is a very attractive quality, and
that gym confidence starts to leak into every other aspect of life.

As women, we all want to feel strong, determined, and confident in
everything we do: from fitting into jeans to dealing with a stressful
career. Resistance training can benefit all aspects of our lives. Put
it in your fitness resolutions for the new year to feel stronger,
healthier and more

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