Confessions of a
Fashion Girl’s Gym Bag


As I mentioned in my most recent life update blog post, I switched my membership over to a new gym. I’m super excited! It’s a beautiful facility. Lots of weights, lots of room, it’s always cool and it always smells so nice – well, at least the ladies area does. But one of the main reason I joined is because it’s closer to work. It’s only about two blocks from the office. This means I can go more frequently after work. No subway, no buses, no excuses! Since I’m going right after work now, I have to bring my gear with me. But I am not about to carry around a tacky, ugly-looking gym bag. Are you kidding me?! Fashion girls need fashionably everything – even gym bags.




I got this chic, over-sized tote bag from Chapters Indigo. They have affordable, stylish totes, handbags and accessories. I bought this one for about $50.00. It only has one side pocket, but I’m really not in it for the pockets. I love it because I can through my training shoes, workout clothes, lunch, beauty bag, wallet and umbrella in there. And still look chic while lugging around all this stuff. Aside from the volume of space, I love that it stands on the bottom. Everything in this bag could be keeled over to the side, but it doesn’t matter. The bag stands firm on the bottom. She’s a sturdy fella. The next best thing would be owning a car. But in lieu of that – this great bag will do just nicely.

Elevator selfie. Can my gym bag get any bigger? 😜

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Fashion Girl’s Gym Bag

    • Like, Wutever

      Thanks! They are so comfy too. Great for working out. Yes – working close to a great gym makes all the difference. There’s really no excuses not to go. Plus the facility is so nice, I actually look forward to going. I get so pumped at the end of the day to go 🙂

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