I Can’t Do It All in the Day

I Can't Do It All in the Day

Here I am at the end of my first full week of being a full-time freelancer. I can’t complain — it’s actually been a great week! I’ve gone to the gym just about everyday. I got some healthy groceries. I went out for drinks a couple times. Met up with two new clients. Even got my nails done.

But ask me how much work I actually got done. My answer would be, “not that much.”

And there in lies the problem. I can’t do it all in the day. I mean, if I was working in an office for a company, would I spend two hours getting my nails done? Would I be grocery shopping during the day? No, I’d be working.

I think I’ve just gotten so caught up in having the freedom to do whatever I want during the day, that I did exactly that — did whatever I want during the day. But I forgot what I really need to be doing, which is working on my business, my blogs and plotting ways to grow them both even further.

I need to stick to the 9-5 framework and leave the nail salon for the weekend. My one exception will be going to the gym. Going to the gym during the day when hardly anyone is there has been a life changer so I must hang on to this one daytime splurge.

It took me a week and a bit to finally get into being productive and clearing out my inboxes. And oh — one more thing: no more over booking myself with pointless dinner dates.

Feel me on this song you guys and have a great weekend!

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