Build a Better Snack Drawer

snack drawer


If your desk is loaded with sweet treats and empty calories, then listen up! It’s time for you to get a healthy upgrade and build a better snack drawer.

Those who know me, know that I’m a crazy snacker, especially at work. When I’m pumped with my mind working hard and in a super productive zone, I always feel the need to snack.

Getting a ton of work done is great, but too much mindless munching is a no-no, so it’s best to plan ahead and have something healthy on hand so you don’t end up reaching for junk.

As part of your meal prep — you can make sure to organize small salad or fruit bowls to carry to work or you can opt to stock up on packaged snacks that are still on the healthier side of the aisle.

Whether you work at home like me, work from an office, or are always on the go, these options will fit perfectly info your snacking lifestyle.

What do you snack on while working? Let me know in the comments section below.


Image via Very Well