Bronzed for the Summer

Bronzed for the Summer

Bronzed for the Summer

Whether you’re off to the beach of heading to a patio, a sun-kissed bronze glow is a must! From shimmery shoulders, to highlighted cheeks, channel your inner golden goddess with my picks for top hot-weather beauty products to get you bronzed for the summer.

NARS Illuminator in Orgasm This is the stuff bronzed beach bunnies are made of. Using very little product, this glimmering bronzer will give your complexion a skin-kissed look with just the right amout of shimmer. As you all know, I am partial to this cult classic favourite. It’s a must for the summer.

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer. This is a budget-friendly option available at just about any drugstore. Use a big brush to apply it to the bridge of your nose, forehead and cheeks for a hint of tint.

Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturizer. If you’re looking for a whole body solution, try this one! It takes about a week for this self-tanner to reach peek tan levels, but after a few days your skin will feel smoother and you’ll have a subtle, natural-looking tan.

Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer. A little dusting does the trick for daytime, while a more heavy-handed heaping is great for nights out on the town. It can work as a contour, a highlighter or even as a blush.

Whatever you do — don’t tan in the sun! It’s the worse thing you can do for your skin. Sun tanning will give you premature aging including but not limited to: wrinkles, age spots and dark sun spots. Yuck! Try your hand at using some summer bronzing products instead and keep under the shade.


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