Bielenda Argan Face Oil

Bielenda Argan Face Oil

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been noticing changes in my skin.  I got it all under control and back to normal by the springtime. But towards the end of the summer, I noticed a sudden re-appearance of acne along my jawline on both sides of my face. Again, I got it under control. But once the acne disappears, sometimes you’re left with acne scars. Which can be just as equally horrifying. I decided to bite the bullet and try a face oil.

I’ve been very skeptical of the claims of face oils. But I was so desperate to get back to my normal flawless skin, I was willing to try almost anything. For the past three weeks I’ve been using Bielenda Argan Face Oil.  It’s a light oil designed for skin prone to losing moisture, natural elasticity, firmness and tautness. It retains water in the skin which provides the skin with optimum moisture level and protection against loss of elasticity and flexibility.

At night, after applying my acne skin care, I apply about 2 or 3 drops of Bielenda Argan Face Oil. I gently massage the oil into my skin. It absorbs the oil quickly, plus it’s not greasy at all. Unlike vitamin E oil, I can actually go to bed without worrying about getting my sheets and pillows greased up.

The result? So far, so good. The acne scars along my jawline are fading fast. Bielenda Argan Face Oil is light and easy to use on the skin, it’s not greasy and there’s no heavy fragrance. I’ll continue to use it. From time to time, I still dab on a bit of vitamin E oil, but I must admit, I am really getting into using a face oil.


Image via Like, Wutever