M.A.C’s Prep + Prime Skin

I’ve been using this as a primer for a few months now. It does the trick, but I know it’s not really that
healthy for the skin and not something that’s practical to do forever so I figured
I’d spend the rest of the summer trying out some new primers.  I recently posted on my Instagram that I had started using MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin. It’s only been two days but I am so in love with this stuff I had to do a full blog post on it.  

After trying and not loving MAC’s Strobe Cream, I became turned off from their skin care products.  I’ll try a bunch of make-up no problem, but I’m really particular about my skin care – particularly because I have such sensitive, oily skin.

Prep + Prime was my first go at trying a new primer and after using it for just a couple of days, I don’t think I’ll need to go any further.  I really love it! It goes on light and smooth, it makes my skin feel incredibly silky, my make-up stays intact all day and it keeps my skin relatively oil free.

Now I’m hooked.  I’ll definitely continue using MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin for the next few months.  If you know of any other good primers to try for oily skin, please let me know.

Images via Like, Whatever