Back to School

{Image: Back to School}
I’ve been really excited about my life in the past few months and I didn’t want to lose this great momentum that I’ve been having. I finally enrolled myself into the Digital Marketing Management program at the University here. That’s right…I’m going back to school!!

This is something that I’ve been putting off since January. But last weekend I finally decided that I just needed to make this happen. Especially if I want to achieve my career goal of working full time in Digital Marketing. Starting in January 2015, I’ll have my current full time job, this blog, and homework assignments. Yikes! I’m excited for this new challenge but nervous as well.

One of the reasons I love blogging is because it’s given me the opportunity to learn about writing, layout, design, coding, SEO, editing, social media, affiliate marketing and e-commerce. For instance writing for my own personal blog is way different than writing about a product launch and even more different than writing a press release. Finding my own voice is one of the hardest things I’ve encountered since becoming a blogger. Anyone can learn how to code. But developing my true voice in my writing and bringing my own thoughts to life is a skill that I am definitely still developing. But so far I am loving the process. I’ve also become a little obsessed with the analytics and insights. I love seeing where my readers are coming from, what they’re reading, what they’re clicking on, which posts have been peaking their interest the most. I love the process of curating content that I think my readers will enjoy and then seeing how they actually responded to it. I also love discovering other blogs and websites. There are so many great ones to follow, my bookmark page has too many to count! I get so much inspiration from what others are doing, it’s been such a great way to learn and develop my own site. I feel so lucky to be a part of this niche community. I hope I am contributing well and putting in my fair share of value-added content.

Blogging has become such a great hobby and I’m so in love with all the different aspects of it. Taking on this new challenge of going back to school will make me super busy, but I think it will help me to continue developing my blog and ultimately help me with my long term goal of working in Digital Marketing.

Image via Carolines World