Like, Wutever is a curation of stories, style, inspiration and living ideas from all the smart, creative and driven people in my life.

My Blog

Based in Toronto, I grew up in corporate communications and marketing.  At at time when I was trying to figure out my life, I started Like, Wutever. Despite not really knowing what I was doing, it became my own little corner of the world. Since it's beginnings in 2009, it's grown up with me through several iterations. I love simplicity and intentional living. But I also love shopping, writing, traveling and meeting interesting people. Like, Wutever is a combination of all of those facets of my life — it's a curation of stories, style, inspiration and living ideas from all the smart, creative and driven people in my life.

My Business

With 10 years of marketing experience, in 2015 I propelled myself into the world of entrepreneurship and started a business which I aptly named, See Girl Work Marketing & Branding. We focus on helping freelancers, entrepreneurs and other small businesses with marketing strategies, branding and content writing. We also provide guest posts, articles and other editorial contributions to leading online platforms and curate content for our small business clients. If you are in the business of marketing, are a content creator looking to streamline your online presence or would like to know more about my business, hit me up!

Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I said I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.

Other than working with creative clients on the business side ─ my favourite thing about having Like, Wutever and See Girl Work has been the community. Both my blog and my business has given me a platform to connect, meet and collaborate with some awesome folks in Toronto. I don’t think I would have interacted with so many cool people without both brands. I love interacting with bloggers, creatives, entrepreneurs, other freelancers and side-hustlers to hear their stories and be inspired by them. You are welcomed to join the See Girl Work community by subscribing to our newsletter. I share personal insights, words of motivation, and lessons I’m learning along the way in my entrepreneurial journey so far. You can also follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook all at @seegirlwork. We publish almost daily on the See Girl Work blog. You can also listen to my weekly podcast on Soundcloud or download it on iTunes. But most importantly – connect with us anytime via email at info {@}

Alethea Robinson
Marketing Director, See Girl Work Marketing & Branding
Creative Director/Blogger, Like, Wutever